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Friend wants to buy a car - English Conversation

TEENA:   Ronny,  what happened to you?  You didn't come to office yesterday.  I called and your phone was switched off.

RONNY:   Actually my car broke down on the way. 

TEENA:   You could have come late.

RONNY:  You know the nature of boss.  He might have spoilt my day further.

TEENA:  But why didn't you call, and why was your phone switched off.

RONNY:   Actually I was very upset.  It took me three hours to get the car repaired.  I was in no mood to communicate to anybody in the office.  After some time my phone got out of battery.

TEENA:   Your car often breaks down.  Why don't you buy a new one?

RONNY:   Due to urgent family expenses I am short of money. 

TEENA:   It is not difficult.  Buy in installments.  Sell your old car.  Use that money as down payment. 

RONNY:   Can you suggest me a good car?

TEENA:   You can go for Ritz.  It is a wonderful small car - good mileage and good performance.  

RONNY:   I can consider.  But I have to think, as I am going financially tight you know.

TEENA:   Don't think too much, otherwise you will keep spending money on your old car.  It may also be consuming too much patrol. 

RONNY:   Yes it is true.  I think I should buy.

TEENA:  I shall lend you some money if you need.

RONNY:  Oh Teen, you are really a good friend. 

Best Institute of Spoken English in Delhi

Delhi has become the biggest place in India to get education.  Not only people of various states of India but from many other countries also come to this city to join colleges and training centers.

Due to economic revolution and globalization of business the importance of English has risen manifold.  To fulfill the need of the people training centers of English are mushrooming all over the city.  You will rarely find a road in Delhi without an institute of English language. 


But most of the training centers are being run by incompetent and incapable persons.  Joining such a center may not be good for your career.  But finding a good center is also a herculean task. 

This reporter visited a large number of institutes and found that most of the centers are teaching incorrect English.  They fool the students with different tactics to take admissions and make money. 


Prominent English learning centers in Delhi are British Council , Inlingua, Veta, Wabs, BSL, and Bafel.   Most of other training institutes are not competent enough to impart valuable training. 

Even very intelligent students of big institutes were found speaking incorrect English.  Big and reputed centers are also more interested in making money with high fee structure.  Remember,  only a big name does not guarantee quality coaching.

Actually it is not easy to teach good English in a short term course.  A person can become efficient in English language only after years of hard work. But due to stiff competition  institutes are compelled to lure students with short-term courses. 


It is not easy to decide.  Still I found that WABS, though not as big as many others,  is rising ahead in quality coaching.  Most of the students I talked to were very satisfied with the coaching.  The fee too is very reasonable.  But, it has regular training centers only in West Delhi.  Website: WabsTalk.com

How to Learn English Online Quickly

RITA:   My brother is very weak in English.  But he is so hesitant that he is not agreeing to join a regular training center.

PAVLO:   Why don't you teach him?  Your English is good.

RITA:   I tried many times, but he never took my teaching seriously.

PAVLO:  Then he can improve his English online, in case, you have an internet connection.

RITA:   Can a person really improve English online?

PAVLO:  Why not?

Tenses Exercise in Fill-ups : Part Two

Fill correct form of the verb in the given space:

1. The students will ........ (go) to Appu Ghar on Saturday?
2. Children ........ (wait) for the school bus for half an hour.
3. Will your brother have ........ (complete) his home-work?
4. We ........ (read) the Hindustan Times daily.
5. Does a newspaper not ........ (help) us to get information about the world?
6. Keep quiet, we are ........ (listen) to the music.
7. He ........ (come) here last night.
8. Sita has just ........ (go) out.
9. The cat ........ (hide) itself in a bush.
10. The dog was ........ (bark) at the stranger.
11. He did not ........ (go) to Kashmir with his family last year.
12. It ........ (rain) for three hours.
13. He was not ........ (dance) with friend.
14. She ........ (teach) in this school since 1985.
15.  A vegetarian is a person who never ........ (eat) meat.


 1.Go, 2. Have been, 3. Completed, 4.Reads 5.Help,  6.Listening, 7.Come, 8. Gone, 9.Has hidden, 10.Barking, 11. Go, 12. Has been, 13.Dancing, 14. Has been teaching, 15.Eats

Tenses Exercise : Fill-ups : Part One

Fill correct form of the verb in the given space:-

1. He has been ........ (repair) the watch ........ (since/for) 5 minutes.

2. Sunita will ........ (help) you in kitchen.

3. Did they not ........ (try) to solve the sums?

4. Savita is ........... (scold) the servant.

5. We ........ (go) to market yesterday and we ........ (buy) many beautiful dresses and toys.

6. Will they be ........ (Sell) their house?

7. She ........ (like) to read interesting books.

8. My father has ........ (arrange) a dinner party at this occasion.

9. When ........ the party ........ (start)?

10. Have you ........ (write) the sentences?

11. Mohan does not ........ (come) here on Sunday.

12. Will your father not ........ (allow) you to go there?

13. Teacher had ........ (give) home-work to the children by then.

14. We ........ (see) a snake in the grass.

15. ........ you ......... (take) the test yesterday?


1.Repairing, for 2. Help, 3. Try, 4.Scolding, 5.Gone,bought 6.Sold, 7.Likes, 8. Arranged 9.Will, start 10.Written, 11. Come, 12. Allow, 13.Given, 14. Saw, 15.Did, take

Star Trek fans crushed NASA's space song in poll

NASA is currently running an online poll to let the public choose two wake-up songs to be played to the crew of flight STS-133, due to launch on November 1. In which, Alexander Courage's Star Trek Theme Song is currently leading the way with 400,000 votes.

Voters can choose from 40 tracks played to previous NASA crews, including galactic-themed pop songs like Frank Sinatra's recording of Fly Me To The Moon and Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles.

But the most popular choice so far is unlikely to have appeared in any singles charts.

Alexander Courage's Star Trek Theme Song is currently leading the way with 400,000 votes. Its sci-fi flick rival, Theme From Star Wars Trilogy by John Williams, has just 10,000.

Exercise of Simple Sentences: Is, Am, Are, Was, Were, Has, Have, Had - Part Two

Fill the blanks with Is, Are, Am, Was, Were, Has, Have, Had

1. I ..... not angry with my friends.

2. Ram ..... not reliable.

3. White flowers ..... not in the basket.

4. That actor ..... a good personality.

5. How many friends do you .....?

6. ..... Rajeev very tired?

7. Ramu ..... our old servant.

8. ..... her grandparents in America at that time?

9. Sun flowers ..... yellow.

10. ..... you fever yesterday?

Answers : 1. am 2. is 3. are 4. has 5. have 6. is 7. is 8. were 9. are 10. had

Exercise of Simple Sentences : Is, Are, Am, Was, Were, Has, Have, Had

Fill the blanks with Is, Are, Am, Was, Were, Has, Have, Had

1. She ........ in her room.

2. They .... not ..... their luggage.

3. Sumit .............. ready to go to college.

4. We ......... busy today.

5. It ........ too much heat yesterday.

6. There ........ many persons in the street.

7. ........ they kind to the poor?

8. Kirti ........ not any cricket kit.

9. Manju ........ a very honest girl.

10. There ........ competition yesterday.

11. Where ........ you in the evening yesterday?

12. We saw children. They ........ toys..

13. I ........ no dictionary at home.

14. The sky ........ clear today.

15. They ........ present the marriage ceremony last week.

Answers: 1. is, 2. do....have, 3. is, 4. are, 5. is, 6. was, 7. are, 8. has, 9. is, 10. was, 11. were, 12. had, 13. have, 14. is, 15. were.

English method of Telling a Time

What's the time in English? It's very easy to tell time in English. Here are some tips:

04:10 - It is ten past four.

03:20 - It is twenty past three.

10:10 - It is ten past ten.

06:15 - It is fifteen minutes past six/quarter past six.